Apps for iPad 1- Wednesday January 25

There are some iPad apps that are easily used by teachers who only have computer access. This presentation focuses on 4 apps: ATT Scanner, Doodle Buddy, Idea Sketch and Flash Cards Plus. We ran out of time before covering Show Me. Show me can also be found in the Science Apps presentation- with examples!

ATT Scanner allows students to go directly to a web address that the teacher makes a unique code for at a separate website. What a timesaver!

Doodle Buddy gives each student a white board that they can customize and answer review questions, participate in every pupil response questions, or any other white board use. It even has a kinesthetic option to shake it to erase!

Idea Sketch allows students to create a graphic organizer and turn it into an outline, or the opposite. Students can email their finished product easily to the teacher or themself.

There are many flash card apps. Flashcards+ connects with many of the flash cards on the website, or students or teachers can make their own. Cards can be downloaded to the iPad and used at home without internet access. This turns the iPad into an easy vocabulary review tool.

View the PowerPoint presentation here.

Please add other apps that you have found particularly useful with your students. There are several different apps similar to DoodleBuddy and IdeaSketch; what is your favorite?
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