Students and parents have been presented with the regulations that apply to the student use of the district iPads. Here are some highlights.

More information can be found at McAllen ISD CQ Regulations

Students will receive a case with their iPad. If they wish to use a different case, it must meet the specifications of 4 corner bumpers with a cover and be approved by the Instructional Technology Department.

Each student will have an iTunes account with their district email account. If the student is younger than 13, the parent must create the account.

Students may download their own apps to their iPad. There are restrictions on the Apps they can download based on age.

Teachers are not required to check the iPad and apps regularly. Teachers will continue their normal classroom management of technology.

Student iPads will come loaded with Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheets), Keynote (presentation slides), iMovie and GarageBand.

The iPads will come with a flilter for internet safety. The filter should work when students use their own wifi.

Students will be able to access Facebook and Twitter at school and at home. Parents are requested to monitor the use of the internet when the student is not at school.

Teachers are allowed to take the iPad from the student during instructional time if the student is disruptive.

Students who abuse the privilege of the iPad will lose it, and be given alternative materials for instruction.

Will the students be able to take the iPad home over the summer? That decision will be made in April 2012.